22/23 Season

Dear Chamber Music Lovers and Friends of Swiss Chamber Concerts,

In today’s cultural life, do we really have any moments and experiences left that are not already pre-programmed and pre-configured, their emotions anticipated ahead of time? Probably not too many. But one significant exception is the experience of music as live performance. And when it comes to chamber music, being part of the audience makes us feel especially close to what is happening as the music unfolds.

This website details our programming for the 2022-23 season, including some information about the works to be performed. But it cannot touch on the music itself that will be generated only during the concert, on the creative moment of live performance, which remains unpredictable for musicians and audience alike. Be assured, it is for you, our dear music lovers, that we plan and perform these programs. Yet the ultimate effect can be realized only in our interplay and exchange with you—thanks to your presence in the concert hall and to your willingness to be enchanted by the encounter between your expectations and the world of sounds and expressions that is created in the moment of performance. This enchantment has cast its spell over people through the centuries, transporting them into different realms and connecting listeners who have their own feelings and ideas with other like-minded people.

And this can happen only in the live concert experience. For more than 24 years we have been bringing this pleasure to thousands of people throughout Switzerland as well as abroad. We thank all of you who have made this possible through your contributions: whether as listeners, subscribers, or patrons; as musicians or collaborators; or as observers, critics, musicologists, or supporters.

In this spirit we are delighted to invite you to enjoy the new 2022-23 season of Swiss Chamber Concerts and look forward to seeing you at our concerts.

Daniel Haefliger

Artistic Director

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